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  • Concert Antoine Boyer
  • L'épi du château réparé
Concert Antoine Boyer

Concert Antoine Boyer

L'épi du château réparé

L'épi du château réparé


Friends of the Château de Ternay

The association " Les Amis du Château de Ternay " aims to restore, backup Château deTernay and enhancement of its cultural and architectural heritage.

The Château de Ternay legacy of centuries within the family, just waiting to remain maintained by its residents. Despite the activities of chambres d'hôtes, gîte and cultural visits , maintenance of such a family heritage is not easy. Hence arises the association Amis du Château de Ternay , nonprofit , seeking to bring together lovers of Château or French heritage and willing to help in their conservation. That is the purpose of the association, gather human and financial resources for the conservation of the Château but also in its development in the French cultural landscape.

To become a member of the association click on this link.

You can also support us by simply following our activities on Facebook or Google+