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  • Concert Antoine Boyer
  • L'épi du château réparé
Concert Antoine Boyer

Concert Antoine Boyer

L'épi du château réparé

L'épi du château réparé


Brocante / Garage sales

Each year, on the occasion of European Heritage Days , the association is pleased to welcome you around a Brocante / Garage sales in the castle park for a great time of sharing and conviviality. This is an opportunity for everyone to come antiquing, just walk with your family or friends and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Valley of the Dive. A refreshment is provided to avoid dehydration, sandwiches and pancakes are also waiting for you. For younger, take a seat in the train to do tricks in the park and around the Château.

It is also a good time to be carried away by the incredible story of Bertrand de Beauvau through a guided tour of the Castle by the master of the house. During the European Heritage Days tariffs for visits are reduced.

Professionals or individuals, just display your treasures in the center of an idyllic landscape. For this, we invite you to read the rules along with the registration form. For benefits information, please contact directly on this page.